A Theme Installation

Theme installation via WordPress admin

Log into your WordPress admin area first.

1.Click on Appearance Themes

2. You can add a new theme on the themes page by clicking the Add New button.

3. Click Browse and select your file.

4. Make sure your theme is installed and activated.

Plugin Installation.

The steps below will guide you through the installation of the required plugins:

Go to Appearance Install Plugins

Mizan Demo Importer Plugin ,Contact Form 7 and ElementsKit Elementor addons

Install the plugin and activate it by clicking the Install now button.

Theme Setup

Here are the steps for importing content.

1) Click Dashboard Appearance Software IT Company

click on Install/Activate button

To get started, click on Start Now button

2) Start installing and activating the plugins by clicking on the install plugins button.

3) Click on Import Demo to begin importing the demo.

4) To visit your site, click the Visit Your Site button.

5) You can now visit your website.

Menus Settings

1. Create pages >>Go to Dashboard Pages Add New Page

2. Navigate to Appearance Menus

3. To Create a new menu, click on create a new menu link.

4. Give your menu a name in the Menuname, then click the Save Menu link.

5. Once you have created menu, You must include pages by checking the appropriate boxes. You may arrange it once you've added the menu list by drop and drag.

6. selecting a menu theme location "Primary Menu" using the checkboxes below.

Logo Settings

For the Site Identity Section, please click here

Go to Appearance Customize Site Identity

Adding the title and tagline of the site and enabling/disabling the title and tagline are possible here.

Header Settings

A) For the Header Section, follow these steps:

Go to Appearance Customize Theme Option Header Settings

1. Add Hiring Heading: In this section, you have the option to add Hiring Heading.

2. Add Hiring Text: In this section, you have the option to add Hiring Text.

3. Add Hiring Button Text: In this section, you have the option to Add Hiring Button Text.

4. Add Hiring Button Link: There are option here for adding a Add Hiring Button Link.

5. Add Location: There are option here for adding a Add Location .

6. Add Phone Number Text & Add Phone Number: There are option here for adding a Add Phone Number text and Add Phone Number.

B) For the Social Icon:

Go to Appearance Customize Theme Option Social Media Options

The header section can be added in this way.

Home-page Settings

These instructions will guide you through the process of Editing Homepage.

Go to Homepage Edit With Elementor

A)Edit Slider Section

B)Edit Appointment Section

1. Create Form

Click Dashboard Contact Add new

Refere below code for Appointment form

[text* EnterFirstName placeholder "Enter Name Here..."][text* your-subject placeholder "Enter Subject Here..."][textarea your-message placeholder "Enter Message Here..."][email EnterEmail placeholder "Enter Email Here..."][tel* ContactNumber placeholder "Enter Phone Here..."][submit " Submit Now"]

Now Select an Appointment form

C)Edit Services Section

1. Create Post >>Go to Dashboard Post Add New post

General Options

Go to Appearance Customizer Theme Options General Options

1. Show/hide Scroll To Top.

2. Show/hide Preloader.

3. Show/hide Sticky Header.

Post Options

Go to Appearance Customizer Theme Options Post Options

1. Show/hide Post Date.

2. Show/hide Post Heading.

3. Show/hide Post Full Content.

Footer Settings

Follow these instructions for setting up a footer.

Appearance Customizer Footer Option

The text of the Copyright can be changed here.

Footer Copyright Text.